during the paroxysm, and subsequently during the interval.

canal at that part to at least one-half. Dr. Baillie mentions a case

miliar with the natural respiratory and vocal sounds, in order that he

a stomach. But many patients afflicted with these disorders, are pain-

valescence began on the twelfth day; up to that time the diet was rigid:.

were the above traces, that they alone enabled Dr. Foster to arrive

cicatrized cavities occurred in the lungs of about one-half of the men

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propagations of the aortic sounds ; and if an aortic murmur exists,

]STo doubt the principal adverse circumstances attending recovery

on the most rigorous meat diet, has been known to pass a quantity

Dr Logan Turner had hoped that Dr Dawson Turner would have

were removed at one time, and the lung was fully expanded in

eral acids, the whole oesophageal canal may become constricted and

becomes scanty, less tenacious, and of a darker or dullish-brown

In studying the pathogen}' of this disorder, the tendency to hyperplasia

present, as I consider that further experiments are required. It is advan-

standing in the stall it may stand squarely upon both feet;

tubercle and fibroid degeneration, thinks that under the microscope the

the hands and forearms are heavy, and motion is difficult or impossible,

There are no other changes in the organ. There is no interstitial effu-

Diseases of the skin have been regarded too much as a specialty ;

If the lesion of the segment occurs below the cervical region, in

strument is thus formed. To those who have observed in the dead

When pain is present, it is found to be in most instances aggra-

experiencing the desire to void it. The desire to pass it is frequent

so confounded as to be undistinguishable. In Dr. Bacon's case the

on the action of exposure to cold or to paludal poison.

habit of resorting to them is formed, leading too frequently to the sad-

or are coexistent, the intensity of the phenomena of each is in inverse