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Suppurative Pericarditis. — "When acute inflammation results in an

poisons or mucus. — Amster, 5"., Med. & Surg.

which, according to Dr. Jenner, being superadded to these, are

change tends to sudden death by rupture of the heart, or by syncope.

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a clinical history of its own ; the other terminates in softening and

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affected nerves indicate the true nature of the disease. These

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A combination of antimony and calomd is believed to have saved

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the largest tents, and in the smaller ones it reached 127° Fahr.

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The spleen mixture is, in some instances, efficacious, but in a

entirely withdrawn from the control of Volition, or but little under the

of the spinal column, exposure to cold rains, spraining of the

the lung. In the whole of the route from the liver to the lung the blood

the form of isolated granules or small corpuscles. The pigmenta-

The most important post-mortem changes to be seen in livers

the walls of the cavern contract, the pleural surface of the lung is

relieved, the pulse becoming calmer, the countenance less anxious,

of diseases of these parts. The application of glycerine, of nitrate

much slower in progress, and less severe and perilous. To these cases

constitutionally diseased, not always proportionate in their severity

A good form for the administration of arsenic in psoriasis, particu-

surface of the lung, and extends in an inverse direction, — towards the

is one of softening ; and the diagnosis may be considered as estab-