1heart, and the relation of its several parts to the thoracic walls (as
3by 49 ; rheumatism, by 41 ; dysentery, diarrhoea, and cholera, by 45 ;
4quently the oxidation of the blood-corpuscles, is prevented by de-
7matter just described, which flows out when they are cut into, the air-
9calomel, given for the purpose of inducing mercurialism, has any
10is jerking and receding, though regular ; while the pulsations of
11epilepsy in very many cases must be regarded as " a disease of the
13the sinuses are also affected. The principal cause is a catarrhal
14its natural toughness, cohesion, and resistant power.
15symptoms had existed from one to three years, in other cases where
16spontaneous purging or vomiting which sometimes takes place, and
17expressing his admiration of the work which Dr Fraser had done,