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Treatment. — The patient, if seen during the fit, may be bled if the
altered the patient is seldom cured ; but the disease may still be
stitutional Diseases " and those which are sometimes called
cancer show, so far as they go, and as Dr. Walshe long ago showed,
system, invariably settling in the myolema or coveri^igs of the
centres and organs. Reasoning from the general properties known
the greatest predisposition to the disease exists when troops have
typhus and typhoid fevers, erysipelas, scarlet fever, cholera, and the
hissing sound. Voice is gone, which shows that the larynx is the
inches 16° B. The higher the temperature of the liquid is, the greater will
[With a better knowledge of the nature of apoplectiform phenomena
Costa, the Irritable Heart, and by Dr. Henry Hartshorne, Cardiac Mus-
by a sense of heat or a feeling of weight at the chest, or the patient
nitrogenous food the urea was to sugar as 1 to 1.9. It thus appears
Diseases of the pia mater and arachnoid may be discovered by the
to try whether the theory that superabundance of lactic acid in
four annual volumes have now been published, for the years 1859
tchose anatomical character is hyperplasy of the connective tissue, or in-
cases allows us to believe that, when the disease is not of long standing,
Symptoms: — Rough, staring coat; ravenous appetite; rub-
two hours till the symptoms are mitigated, increasing the dose from
child falling into a fit, is immediately to place it into a warm bath,
preceding d to the beginning of the next line of ascent marks the period of the heart's
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must be avoided ; but wines of the Rhine vintages may be taken, if
the influence of impure air becomes so much more injurious ; but