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standing the existence of one or more cavities, it often lasts many

The duration of the disease is such that acute pleurisy sometimes

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Every two or three days this operation should be repeated. If the

peculiar degeneration into fibrinous matter of the muscular sub-

deficiency of the saline ingredients of the blood ; and while there is

may even shiver. There is also thirst, and a feeling of internal

from Mr. Batchley, of 362 Oxford Street, London, near the Pan-

mur, and broncho- vesicular respiration, followed by tubal breathing and

attack. The following case, given by Dr. Gooch, will best exemplify

Causes, Nature, and Morbid Anatomy. — Bronchial dilatation, in the

Chickentox, Rubell.^, and Mlmps, l>eing of such slight im-

consequently, when destructive myelitis extends throughout the

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patients from diseases of the heart during a period of six years —

any manifestations of mental impairment of the nature of insanity.

sufficient to indicate the existing tendency. The " fades hysterica "