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One must also be chary of accepting the view tliat stasis in the

the administration of alkaline remedies, are indicated by the con-

sprinkled with little white sharply defined specks, like bits of bran. They

consecutive aux Maladies aigues, par le Dr. Thore, fils. Ann. Medico-Psyc, Paris,

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same kind of remedy — namely, opium, which is to be given continu-

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excitability, flutterings about the heart and palpitations, beatings in the

Meryon). vVhen there is no great pressure beyond that which

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impaired vision, with a vacant countenance, dilated and sluggish

R. Hyd. Bichloridi, gr. iv — v; Ungt. Iodinii Co., 5i y — 3^1 5 Adipis,

trustworthy results can ever be obtained. Such results have not

not infrequent. Soon after digestion is over, or large quantities of flatus

dislocation of the Patella, or what is more commonly called

found correct) again change the views now generally entertained.

New York Academy of Medicine, vol. ii, Nos. 34, 35, 36 ; 1866), a careful and skilled

given specimen of blood is full of white blood-discs, or of pus-cor-

tend to these results, and are independent of valve disease — namely,

will promote expectoration of the secretion which accumulates in