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Table showing the Relative Averages of Body-weight, and the "Weight of the

knowledge of the state of the blood and of the physiology of di-

Ramskill's case, after the ineffectual use of both the iodide and bromide

and the subarachnoid areolar tissue is then also frequently infil-

of the European armies (French, Prussian, Russian, Belgian, and

various diseases, which are contemplated as so many distinct and

Cases of sunstroke occurring " in quarters " seem under such cir-

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precedes the expression of the inflammatory tendency, and is asso-

of spirits, vertigo, palpitation, fainting, asthma, and also, perhaps,

that in this form of disease of the spleen the pus-cells are secreted,

of these parts ; (2.) The corpus striatum alone ; (3.) The hemisphere

to the spine, which it touches on a level with the tenth, eleventh, or

sacrum. Thirty died during the course of intercurrent diseases,

The pain in chronic rheumatism is often latent, unless the part

latent in the lung ; and from the numerous cicatrices that are found

the ages of ten and fourteen, and also that it is more common in

life, or it may occur at some period in after-life as an original disease.

intestinal mucous membrane, analogous to inflammation, weakened

lime. The uric acid sediments in combination with bases are gen-

urine nor in the blood, as was determined by Dr. Parkes after

affected is not always the same. Most commonly the mucous mem-

Dr Melville Dunlop, in reply, thanked the Society for tlie very

during the first night of defervescence is very considerable, small

of its appearance, and its being occasionally unilocular.

bronchial respiration over the posterior base of the left lung. The