at the site of irritation. This constriction continues for some time,

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febrile action they rapidly recover. In the fatal cases the pulse

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ism ; one suffered from a blow : and one had a lesion in the brain.

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These affections of the nervo-vascular parts of the eye may be included

furnish the best means of subduing constitutional irritation in

sign of emphysema ; and at the base of one or both lungs, and remote,

20th to August 8th, 1868, and the Kange of Thermometer and

brain, a portion of which is thus destroyed. More comprehensive

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of the brain, and yet no symptoms of hydrocephalus existed during

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(3.) Compound octahedra (e) may also be seen; (4.) As small, flat-

tolic auricular impulse at the second intercos- Fig. 32 -t

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(1.) The force of the pulse, according to Marey, is seldom much

are related by our army surgeons. In cases of hernia cerebri, also,

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