ries are lower down. In old people the lungs often alter consider-
creased only every second or third or fourth month. When improvement is appar-
Indian hemp, should be used instead. Dr. Brown-Sequard recom-
of disease which come under the term metastatical dyscrasioe having
polypoid growths, or fixed parasites) permanent invagination com-
neous inflammation will diminish. If the patient is a full feeder,
cholera. The geographical distribution of these diseases into zones,
Vogel, such have been observed eleven times out of nineteen cases.
often as its effects subside — generally every two, three, or four hours.
Gray and Yellow Tubercle, their Structure and Eelations, . . . 218
The first stage passed, the process of softening, or of ramollisse-
as stated by Dr. Sibson — -namely, that our treatment of pericarditis
ural state by histolysis of the granular exudation, a process of degenera-
each lung may be affected, as the upper right and the left inferior lobes.
Experience led Dr. Brinton to assert " that the accumulation of in-
it be expelled by elimination. The indications are to stay if possible the
central portions or nuclei, which are not cleft like the pus nucleus
joints, the stomach, or the intestinal canal, but the proportionate
Sir James Clark, Bennett, Ancell, and others in this country ; but
the boughs that have dropped from its parent stem have borne to
It is probable, also, that the tuberculous constitution may be congenital,
produced by disease, it is necessary to bear in mind the occurrence
mortality is from dementia, the least from monomania ; in the latter,
diet. It ought to be strictly antiphlogistic, consisting entirely of
cases have been met with in which many months have elapsed