2often speckled with blood ; and when the tubercle softens, the
4affected. He likens the affection pathogenetically to fatty disease of the
5or 30.7 per cent., that of the cases with albuminous urine was 50
6life. Sometimes the deposit completely encircles the joint; at
7that kind friends ill-use and slight him ; if, besides, symptoms like
8are continuous and grow more severe; the breathing is shorter
9masses are very superficial, when the sense of resistance to the fin-
10or the sufferer may recover partially or entirely ; in the former case
11(7. ) Condensation of the lung from extravasation of blood (apoplexy
14pulmonary phthisis, consumption, or wasting, and the occurrence of
15hibited, and therefore cannot be inquired into. The condition is congen-
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18room. The effect of such seclusion is generally of a soothing char-
19amples of passive ascites, because they are all explicable by the fact