with fat, and remarkably soft, as if from interrupted nutrition.
process from the one to the other (Wilks, Goodfellow). Other
Val de Grace en 1848 et 1849 ; 1849. Tourdes G. : Histoire de l'Epidemie de Stras-
tained. The enlarged heart pushes aside the lungs, and a larger
tion, p. 308). Xow, both of those conditions obtain in many cases
peculiar degeneration into fibrinous matter of the muscular sub-
bumen in the urine. Under the generic term of Bright's disease, there
consists of a vessel, first made of metal and afterwards of glass, contain-
which the organ is converted, has been stjded "scrofulous " by Addison
for the deposit the name of miliary tubercles ; and when the lung
mation' of the apex of the heart, the apex is then broad and
under chloroform. The most usual remedies employed are valerian,
articles of food, such as cheese, nuts, almonds, and raisins, sweet
creased. It feels to the touch like the consistence of wax and lead,
struction was never complete, and death did not occur for some
"permanent" albuminuria is apt to be drawn with insufficient
the brain. Cruveilhier also directed attention to the frequenc}- of
and does not mix with water, so as to form such an opalescent,
suppression, is no indication of the cause of the suppression, which must
on the side, at least until towards the last, though there are usually much
and abdominal muscles, while the intercostal muscles cease to act,
hibited, and therefore cannot be inquired into. The condition is congen-
habit, and sometimes with success. Attend to the teeth and,
Med. Gaz. and Times, vol. i, p. 451, 1862), speaking of the physiognomy of what he
age and height of the men enlisted for the regiments of the guards,
of retaining his urine, from the sphincters being palsied. The
fevers, by 44 per 1000 ; rheumatism, by 28 per 1000 ; ophthalmia, by
failed to do so, and thus fallen into error. The lesson to be le.arncd
A third method for determining the urea consists in the use of
affections which derive their interest, or rather importance, from
meningitis is supposed to exist along with chronic myelitis, then