of tartar emetic in solution may be given at night, combined with
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225), '"that in the practice of Mr. Simon, at St. Thomas's Hospital, it
eral Hospital at Charlottesville, Va., nearly one-third, or, more exactly,
into the substance of the brain. These, in the first instance, pene-
casionally there is double vision, or objects looked at begin to move on
There are numerous cases, Dr. Habershon remarks (loc. cit.), closely
rapidly and in such numbers throughout the lungs as to give rise
of pus into the arachnoid cavity, likewise Morgagni, Cruveilhier,
many white points. When the lung is more acutely inflamed, the
more usually it is trifling, and more resembles a bloody sanies than
whose central portions are described as a sea of swamp, and where
change such as cretification or softening. Most frequently it seems
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of the kidney in Bright's disease, where the molecular contents of
of the red. This state is brought about by chronic exhausting diseases,
sthenic gout they are unnecessary ; and are contraindicated in ad-
ful starting of the limbs. In some instances the patient becomes
tion, hardness, and pain, eventually confined to one spot in the
among the various forms of insanity, finding its acme in general paralysis.
of which the disease is rarely if ever perpetuated when imported,
ties are endless. It may be objected by some to the account here
groups of cases. It has been remarked that English physicians are apt
voluntary closure is usually weaker on the palsied sicfe.
vailed—after which patients seem to walk better for a time ; but
constituent very greatly above or below the limits of the range
In connection with the physiological view of the subject there