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Hypertrophy of the brain is usually connected with hydrocephalus,
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monary capillary arrest ; and immediately the paroxysm yields, the
and paralysis of the trunk and lower limbs is complete. Such a con-
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state of the secretions, or other circumstance, denotes its diseased
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unselfish labor. Dr. Alison, in his work On the Chest, pp. 322, 823, and 324, gives a
" of the thousand ills that flesh is heir to," for which it might have
After the pain has ceased open the blisters with a needle and
years a most decided decline in phthisical cases in these stations
in the thermometer; and sometimes the pulse rose, though never
thorax is symptomatic, or consecutive of affection of the heart or
berg) ; from the effects of certain toxic articles, as lead, arsenic, bromide
temperature, from hot to cold; standing in the rain; drinking
not directly connected with the motorial asynergia — namely, thir-
pressed by the growth of tubercle in the lungs, but certainly and
[Virchow believes the round ulcer of the stomach to be always preceded
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These cases were distinguished by rapid and extensively increas-
time warm fomentations are to be applied to the belly. Its bene-
In advanced life it rarely happens that the symptoms are so in-
voracious (bulimia); there is an excessive longing for food, and though
taken in large doses into the stomach without inconvenience or damage