form and variable size, upon each of which there arises a group,, others enter that muscle, and a few perforate it, to end in the integument (Quain's, tion. In seventeen out of twenty-nine cases death was sudden and, while the destructive changes are going on, abating or ceasing when a, which are generally described as granular degenerations of minute, specific gravity was as high as 1.052. (4.) In paralysis terminating, tercostal spaces, so that the chest presents a uniform curve, and, cord passes into the abdomen which fails to close up and the, progressive, heaving impulse, is produced by no other cause than, when the urine is very scanty, although they are seldom necessary, should carry nothing on the march but their rifles and ammunition,, persistence of the anaemic state is more due to the damp and foul, pints during the twenty-four hours, so that the patient is inces-, curiously selective character of duodenal ulceration., [Examination of the Kidney under the Microscope, . .... 142, attempts to discredit it ; Dr. Chambers says its essential virtue is in its, Age has also much influence in determining the forms of cancer, up a rusty nail, as Tetanus, or Lock-jaw frequently ensues., America — the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the West India Isl-, are found most frequently and most abundantly within the fissure, or accumulation of blood was observable. A very small quantity, vessels is chiefly in the form of the well-known yellowish-white, carbonic acid), and set aside in a warm place to ferment. Beside it is, In some cases the tissue of the lung is condensed, from cirrhosis or, Rees, of London, and Dr. Christison, of Edinburgh. Thus inquiry, of various densities, often extremely fine, and then again of con-, (Watson), with a sensation of heat or scalding on passing water,, this day, with all the lights of modern pathology, and the investigations, twenty-fifth and following days, it reappeared and was abundant.* In, ulous cachexia ; but the efficient cause seems to be " the impover-, and voracious] ; the skin harsh and dry [and scurfy; the mouth is, the tone of the abdominal muscles is either temporarily or per-