The further treatment of the chronic forms of Bright's disease

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curiously selective character of duodenal ulceration.

The vertical lines having relation to the chest are eight in number,

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Better results are, however, obtained by hardening a piece of the organ

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interesting case is related by Dr. George Buchanan in The Glasgow

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symptoms heralding the onset of empyema were acute and violent,

most of the cases the early sequence of symptoms appears to have

Virchow (loc. cit.) shows that those organs which have a soft surface, and

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in the United States Army, from Phthisis, from 1840 to 1859, inclusive], 786

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Again, the presence of friction-sound is not necessarily a proof of the

these parts are the immediate seats of the origins of the nerves, they

inflammation of the substance of the lungs, the vesicular pulmonary

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spectral illusions are more or less constant. The patient may see

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in the crown of the head, believe they are caused by worms gnawing

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