Eastman has also seen the genito-mesenteric fold " associated
(2.) To assuage pain and to mitigate excessive peristalsis suggest the
the larger trunks ; and are of some importance with reference to the
terminates in five days ; and as a rule the termination has been fatal
ments were also made upon the human subject by Demarquay and Fieber,
subjects must necessarily be of value (Garrod). Dr. Flint saj's: "From
recourse to the operation on one of his own children with success
in its crude state. It more frequently creates heat and general
by certain anatomical characters, and by more or less characteristic
induration of the pulmonary air-vesicles, by the accumulation of
Causes. — The more common causes of disease of this portion of the
slight or unfrequent that unless the patient is pointedly asked the
[In the initial stage the walls of the air-sacs are intensely vascular, and
that of hyperemia, the best practitioners of all times and of all
principal pain being at their insertions into the crista of the ilium.
softening commences, so that it is incorrect to give a general de-
guide the diagnosis, are as follows: (1.) Observe the relationship of
right side, and experienced diminished sensation on that side. His
ear cannot be applied, or in which the stethoscope is much more
stimulus of light. The feigning epileptic prefers to shut his eyes
Frenchman, and at Sierra Leone the Englishman, die off in any
sideways on a chair, or astride the chair, with his face to the back
mations described have been mentioned as though succeeding each
mination of uric acid by iodine is founded on the fact that solution
of the larynx derive their importance, their gravity, and their great
the essential derangement of health in epilepsy consists in the
collectively, in their various manifestations, constitute " Mind " —
some particular symptoms ; but this is not the case. It may occa-
volume of boiling water. In the practice of my friend Dr. Fergus,
.Latin Eq., Morbus Brighfii — Idem valet, Albuminuria; French Eq., Maladie de
the spinal cord below the decussation of the pyramids. (11.) In
impediment to the coronary circulation. Sometimes the pain only
supposes himself transformed into a beer-barrel rolled along the
way as to display the larynx, or any part it is desired to see, to the
by 1090 admissions, and the mortality by 28.61 deaths per 1000
however, that death of the brain-tissue, as a result of idiopathic
the bo\ane strain was present. Further, it appeared that the
the further administration of the remedy should cease. In cases
in the beaker has been thrown down. (8.) Record the amount of uranium-
that the brain and its membranes are occasionally found in every