particularly everything containing fat, oil, or sugar (butyric fermen-, it occurs rather more frequently before thirty than afterwards, es-, children in whom the disease has been observed early and carefully, a little opium when the pain was very severe, and a purgative when the, therefore, whatever exceeds the amount taken in by the food is, hypertrophy, nor dilatation results, the tissue of the heart itself, the sixth costal cartilage (Fig. 8 and Fig. 16, under the description, generally small in amount, and very transient ; the kidneys suffer, the heart suffer severely from angina pectoris, with palpitation., simply by continuity. The generation of secondary multiple ab-, and is especially associated with improper, insufficient or bad food., is painful and difficult even to allude to in this manner, and still more, the local conditions brought under my notice were, chiefly, sloughing of, on the cord, is related by Mr. Holberton in The Medico-Ghirurgical, Treatment. — At the outset, stimulating embrocations to the spine, [The range of body -temperature is shown in the following table :, perienced. A " working in my inside " is the comprehensive phrase, symptoms and insidious in its approach. It is not unfrequent as a, Pyaemia literally means a condition in which — (1.) There are pus-, vowels. The tongue protrudes in the normal direction, and if its, Certain signs resulting from the coexistence of air and serous, one. It not only helps the diagnosis, when the fact comes out, but, by Robin (Jour, de Phi/siologie, t. ii), which are thicker, darker, and more, present. A second specimen of the urine should be taken in an-, cases and 7 deaths, in the Central Region 163 cases and 9 deaths, and in, pressing on the liver ; while, in a smaller number of instances, the, ful handling, fix the attention, and call up the will, and slow walking in, ceration terminate by perforation ; and he considers that the lia-, Pathology. — The amount expectorated may be small — mere specks, side reacts equally to both directions of rotation. In such a case,, is a later period of lung hepatization, which softens down during a period, the upper and front part, at the junction of the costal cartilages with the, coldness, and formication are occasionally felt (Walshe)., Professor of Therapeutics, College of Physicians and Surgeons; Professor of Medicine, Dearborn Medical College, Chicago., lates an instance of a woman of thirty-two years of age, who, towards