2cell-elements appear as round, oval, or oat-shaped particles embedded
33. Little vascular excitement at- 3. In meningeal affections there
4chloroform may be used, or sinapisms put on the arms and legs. A
7vesicular element of the compound breath-sound predominates. This
8the fourth day. In 173 cases its site was at the nipple in 89, near it in
9of exploration or " prospecting the liver " should be commenced as
11derangement and cardiac murmurs, due to an impoverished condi-
12tilage. This is the stage which leads to final atrophy and wasting
13part natural, but the patient usually falls into a typhoid state, from
14cles, constantly tends to dislodge the obstructing body by pushing
15of fixed ideas, the patient may he rational on all other subjects ;
17casionally there is double vision, or objects looked at begin to move on
19tous tumors. EA r en when cirrhotic, or amjdoid, degeneration is present
20the present century it has prevailed at Geneva, in Switzerland,
21Neuralgia, vol. ii, p. 726). The disease is of disheartening obstinacy, re-
22some months, or even some years. A remarkable case of a dimin-
23cases it is desirable to limit the diet to puddings and white fish.
24meal, and continuiug it for months, with occasional intermissions. Where
25straw or tube) of cool, iced liquids. Food is to be given, as strong
27or more cavities. When many apoplectic cavities exist in the brain,
28which is decisive r per se of cancer-growths wherever found? It
29meeting held on July ist, 1914, with the additions (printed in
30greedy eaters and consists of the lodgment of dry food (most
31uncertain. In alkaline urine the earthy phosphates are deposited as
32lines, in thickness at the base, or triple the healthy standard.
36^escape of coloring matter along with the exudations. They are
37vol. iii, p. 273). In some cases the deposit or altered part appears
38Pyaemia literally means a condition in which — (1.) There are pus-
41sists from the beginning to the termination of the disease. Con-
46the motor power are exhibited in convulsions or paralysis. It is