as one of the least frequent terminations of that disease. Morgagni
witnessing a public execution, was seized with an uncontrollable
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period of about three years and a half earlier when there is a
another. As a general rule, however, any exciting cause actually
in which acetic and carbonic acids are formed ; while conium and
external jugular vein was excised and used to encircle the line of
both these statistical studies that a chronic ulcer might
not by virtue of any specific or virulent property in the human tubercle,
peutics — Dr. C. B. Radcliffe — has written : " I have no hesitation in say-
limit paludal diseases to particular localities, seasons, and latitudes.
incased in flannel, and placed at a lower level than the spine. A
When the stomach is so irritable that it rejects everything, it
ness becomes effaced, and delirium tends towards stupor, the patient
growth, especially of the skeleton, the nervous system, and the
Lunatic Asylum, medical science is indebted for the first most ex-
on the restorative principles advocated by Prof. Bennett, have been emi-
has termed it, red softening ; for, although firm, its texture has lost
ing in recovery has been one year and two months ; of those ending
quently prolonged over several weeks. -Death is in some cases
the water of some of the springs, they also influence the function of the
diately," as when a flat body is placed upon the chest, which is then
bronchitis, emphysema,, and any lung disease in which there is an
Phosphate of iron in the form of syrup, or citrate of iron and quinia,
Eight other cases are described as strong, stout, fat, muscular, or
or the pleurae, or the ventricles of the brain. It is necessary, there-
the lung-tissue. When this matter is examined microscopically, it is
(Webber, I. c, pp. 63-4). [In April, 1863, four cases occurred in a
In 98 cases I had 20 deaths, a mortality of 19 per cent. Under
involving the intestinal wall, 17| per cent. ; torsion of the bowel on
is not infrequently troubled, and so-called amaurotic symptoms, heme-
the foot with the hammer you will discover the spot, when you
numerous branches spread out over the side of the head, the face,
irritation. After the febrile action has in some measure subsided,
cause. Mechanical violence, also, often produces apoplectic effusion.
mometer and, the Pulse. — In the case which Dr. Parkes records, the
boils ; or daily packing with the wet sheet, may be tried, carefully watch-