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The condition of the spinal cord and of the spinal nerves in thirty-four

quite independent of inflammation, in the ordinary acceptation of

[Treatment of Pyaemia by the Alkaline Sulphites], 673

gation of pulmonary phthisis, Dr. Parkes thus expresses himself

age, the spread of the plague in this country has ceased. In this

not alternate depressions and elevations, as in the healthy chest. I

lung-sounds could be heard ; in 36 the respiration was feeble ; in 14 harsh

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stomach, which were administered every two hours [op. cit., p. 117).

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or the nature of the disease with which ascites is associated, and

existence after death. For example, very different apparent vascu-

difference in the duration of the " after-nystagmus," depending on

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growth of the brain, the irritation of dentition, and the great sus-

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In studying the pathogen}' of this disorder, the tendency to hyperplasia

that in some cases the changes may pass one step beyond the con-

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cranial and the sciatic and crural of the lower limb ; and suggests the