Pathological Relations. — Many articles of diet contain oxalic acid
months in the settlement where the disease is endemic.
till blue color disappears. (7.) Do not add more than y^th c. c. at
by blood to each other, inculcating a sad lesson to those parents
Huss as chronic pneumonia. The mucous membrane of the stomach has
If the eczematous patients are robust and plethoric, the local
urine, are characteristics of the hysterical state. A certain consti-
passed at any particular hour of the day or night, without ascer-
It is in the comparative appearance of the multitude of cells, and
Table showing- Deaths by Sunstroke and Effects of Heat in the Metropoli-
ings and the labor of breathing that he is almost unconscious of
cause only) of high density, a useful guide to the progress of the case
of the medulla and its meninges is such as to render their contraction
i, p. 323), for Weber's expression, "tactile sense," as giving more understanding^
earlier period than in females, and its early termination in the male
Bathe the eye with hot water and apply Scotch Eye Lotioa
and a half of each ingredient), taken night and morning, are at-
maintain the first theory, while Virchow, Forster, and "Weber hold to the
Lardaceous Kidney — Syn., Amyloid Disease; "Waxy Disease, . . 954
in the waters of districts, have all been indicated as operative agents
out the system — and still more so in cases when, in consequence of
of the chest may be traced with accuracy, unless fat obscures the
Stations of the British Army, arranged in the Order of the
by syncope, induced by paralysis of the left ventricle. Rokitansky
thologists have meant to designate often an unknown, impalpable,
account of this form, and the phenomena he describes may be classi-
walls of the heart were almost tendinous. In another, the carnece
tissue, it looked like some species of granite, and as if made up of a number of round
also comparatively longer than in adults, and the inferior bounda-
their lives ; but temporary, if any, abatement of sufferings follows
influence of the continued excessive ingestion of alcohol, is due to a
symptoms may be arranged into four classes : (1.) Those which are
bears a close resemblance to that produced by lightly tapping, near
port of the Army Medical Department for 1862 (p. 472), from the pen
of the case, so long known to the intelligent but helpless medical
affected. So, also, if one lobe be affected, as by pneumonia, tubercle,
2. The scrofulous cachexia, already defined and described, may
higher up. In examining the heart, it is therefore necessary to
usually affected ; this is not the case in bronchial dilatation. The gen-