ter. Microscopically, yellow tubercle contains a much greater abun-
a class of substances which powerfully excites, mainly by inducing
[Dr. Garrod holds that acute gout is quite as controllable, and as much
in apjx-arance to that of H. \V. Stone fixed in kidney. Symptoms
of the disease than the fact of that treatment having been under-
Spasms of the adductors produce symptoms closely resembling those
In some cases this may later give rise to a definite cysto-colic
Definition. — When the larynx is so affected that the voice is wholly or
desired. That Insanity also is sometimes vicarious, or alternates
diate cause of death in persons suffering from cerebral disease ; and
and finally into the pericardium. (Edema of the larynx may happen.
which promote or stimulate the healthy nutrition of the body. Its
lesion and pulse-tracing (Brit. Med. Journal, July 20, 1867, p. 40).
exactly ten seconds in its passage, we can with ease calculate the
who had had constitutional syphilis, but who died, — 2 of brain disease,
instead of soft and pliable; and the pressure will cause pain.
attended frequently with cutaneous hsemic spots; its morbid anatomical
presence and complete development are indicated by the occurrence of peculiar
course much shorter than hard cancers, the disease generally ter-
(Tract. Treat., pp. 297, 389). Dr. Pollock says : " The concurrence of
brane of the smaller bronchial tubes is first affected ; then that of
the neuralgia is mainly gastric and intestinal. In malaria, the oph-
first the motions only increase to two, in place of the usual single
the first part of the duodenum (ste Charpy. I'oirier's Atuitvmy,
Fine crepitation occurring coincidently with intense heat of skin
if judiciously used by the patient under medical advice.
made according to the table ; if the diet be meagre, deduct one-eighth or
tional origin of this disease that the disposition to develop gout
fulfil the necessary conditions. The Cape of Good Hope would probably
tion in London, that such treatment as is directed to remove the
leaves a residual deposit. The phenomena of anaemia are those of in-