thirty-fifth volume of the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, p. 73.
by 1090 admissions, and the mortality by 28.61 deaths per 1000
practised under the extremely urgent and specific conditions just
spasmodic contraction of the valve would effectually prevent the
form of acute phthisis must be regarded as composed of two factors, — a
oil may be due to the biliary elements with which it has been in-
in the hepatic vein, not in the portal vein nor hepatic artery
example, ancemia, pycemia, the specific toxeemia of eruptive fevers, the
well as the epithelial cells, are natural. In the latter there is now and
times in the course of the first three or four years of childhood,
state. It is especially to' be distinguished from apoplexy and hyste-
oxygen must be increased by exercise, or the supply of starchy
proves fatal (Sir James Clark). There are few cases, also, writes
mation, defluxions, thin, small, and acrid ; they were soon wasted and became worse,
or stupor the patient's instinctive movements show that the head
fall by their own weight, attached a heavy body to the extended hand of
solved in a litre of distilled water. Of this solution, 1 c. c. contains
medicines combined with an opiate, fomentations, and purgative or
In both sexes the recoveries average 51.5 per cent, when the cause
the upper dorsal portion, for example, the breathing is not atfected,
Earliest Mental and Physical Symptoms of Melancholia,
made in this manner are adapted to show the effects of reagents, indigo,
Intratracheal tubes demanded special dexterity, were not free
[When the warm bath is used its temperature at the time the patient
desired effect is produced. Very abundant watery purgation is
the opposed peritoneal surfaces, and commencing at the angle of
quently thicker and more consistent, assuming the appearance of
tion, hardness, and pain, eventually confined to one spot in the
found diagnosis upon Cerebral Auscultation. For an abstract of the
rheumatism chiefly expressed in the knee-joint. The statistics of
tissue from a material thrown out by the capillaries, viz., that in the first
abdominal tumors, hysterical tympanitis, or in advanced stages of
of others have shown no increase. The pigment and extractives
cough, stitch-pains, and sweating. For the first, the so-called nauseating
in many cases certain signs of acute disorder of the brain, requiring
in dietary, the elimination, and perhaps the formation of the albu-