1flannel dipped in this liniment should be rubbed as firmly as possi-
2compound would favor the occurrence of the disease, and hence the con-
3of the fourth costal cartilage, half an inch to one inch inside the left
6starchy food for many years. Such seems to have been the case
7the danger of syncope due to the sudden evacuation of a large
9slightly, if at all, impaired. After some days the Intellectual
10will permit, a certain proportion of fatty and oily constituents, and in most
12also consistent with statements regarding its minute anatomy and
13sistent with that love of truth which ought to characterize every profes-
14sion is necessarily accompanied by a backward current in those particles
15tism can be safely intrusted to any single remedy ; and the nature
19years old, instead of improving has gradually declined, till for six months
21by the profession as unsatisfactory. (See account of a discussion
23come to be replaced by minute opaque molecules (the nature of
24muscular rigidity. With regard to the use of expedients for pro-
25most important : it should be carried as far as the vigor of the patient
26is represented by 637, and the mortality by 11.79 deaths per 1000
27increases the amount of blood in the spinal cord. It may be em-
28or acrid substances taken into the mouth, to cold, or the irritation
29breathing; the voice is generally only slightly affected, being a little
30during life which evidently depend upon the variable amount of
31to any signs of cachexia or diathetic states, such as tuberculosis,
34the cause of the paralysis is assuredly a lesion of the nerve centres.
35chloride of sodium into 1 eq. each of corrosive sublimate and nitrate
36from causes over which the public, rather than the medical profes-
37signs ; and with all the delicate instrumental appliances to appre-
39was found, and, on cutting through the tendons, pieces of urate of
41the heart, we have a test decisive as to the cause of these sounds,
44That mode of treatment has been submitted to an extensive trial, which
45tubercle has been given. These growths occur in the tissue of the
47which the heart was affected, it was 23.6 days. In the cases with little