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coagulates at the ordinary temperature of the body — 98° Fahr.

Graves, Taylor) ; and the cardiac complication sometimes even pre-

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form of baths, and appear to be peculiarly adapted to the treatment of

" 5. Seeing that, according to the observations of Dr. W. T. Gairdner,

* Oxalate of urea — perfect crystals (after Beale). " Urinary Deposits," No. II,

ably due to this cause. In cases of supra-renal degeneration, the rela-

nerve, is not uncommon. It is frequent in locomotor ataxy — sclerosis of

tice of Medicine in the University of Edinburgh. A chemical anal-

and loss of speech, with material change in the brain, is both clin-

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in the twenty-four hours. It is pale and clear, and of low specific gravhy,

up under the following points: (1.) Small puckered cicatrices with

times in the course of the first three or four years of childhood,

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chalky, where the air is mild and dry, so that as much open air ex-

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occurs ; and its frequency as a primary disease decreases from that

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deaths to admissions from beriberi is above 26 per cent., and amongst

Is not congestion rather an effect than a cause of the sanguine extrava-

only," as Dr. Fuller justly observes, " by the concurrence of differ-

and small round nuclei, and round, ovoid, or fusiform bodies, in various

ing, and cupping, are said to have been sometimes useful, combined

size of the catheter varies with the build of the patient. In all

ulcer may occasionally exist and give rise to none of the charac-

filbert, or less, if multiple ; central or peripheral ; the cavity of irregular