from chorea have died, and the brain has been carefully examined,

strong amorphous or fibrillar tissue. When examined under a magnifying

dry, and requires to be squeezed to press out a viscid, opaque, grayish-

the implication of any external organ; but not unfrequently the

the surrounding parts, and if it is eliminated in any way, a cavity

in this way, and partly in consequence of a certain amount of tubal

or reliable relation exists between the intensity and magnitude of the

The dyspnoea of emphysema is abiding, varies but little, and has

dent with the renal signs ? In how many post-mortem examina-

it had again risen to 103.2°, after which it again began to fall.

The action of fresh pus in producing these effects is mechanical. Either

The stools are generally black, or extremely offensive ; and this

produced by friction with tartar emetic ointment. The pustules

position of the secretion is followed by lung consolidation, ulceration,

of the latter, from unmanageable and dangerous collapse. And

[Dr. Trousseau believed that belladonna is the least inefficacious of

death or during life, there was considerable hyperplasia of the connective

nomena — namely, (1.) Leucocythtemia ; (2.) Embolism, with resolu-

remarks, and said that the paper was the result of seven years' more

3. Adult. — -(See J. R. Eastman, " Foetal Peritoneal Folds,"

disease of the heart ; and especially obstruction to the circulation

urine used ; and the estimate is to be made accordingly.*

for months without causing the faintest shadow of uneasiness or

results of inflammation in the form of the lung-lesion are yet intense, but

with the various forms of consecutive dilatation; while in the

The extent and power of the impulse of the heart ought now to

the third and fifth ribs, and at the neighboring part of the sternum,

early days, is perhaps not greater than might have been produced by the

the continued fever of typhus and typhoid, pneumonia occurs as a

as direct depressants. There is, however, great danger in the use

One could get the catheter in under a quite light ana-sthesia. and

urate of ammonia, far more in proportion to the weight of the animal

cultation, furnish the principal data. It is by the extent and power

logical point of view. The truth and force of this statement will