almost equally serviceable to eczematous adults. "When there is a
powers are often entirely restored ; but in many cases confusion of
and mental foramina, in trifacial neuralgia ; (2.) Where the nerve pass-
and which eventually fills up and consolidates the vesicular struc-
very much dependent on her. How far life was worth living with
in a close and thorough appreciation of the physical and mental
the strength of the patient, are to be insisted upon, as well as such means
hemorrhage, or with both. The gradual acquisition of all these symp-
firmer when they are transformed into amyloid (albuminoid) mate-
spinal nerves existed, but the cord was apparently healthy, for there does
calumba. But each case requires to be made a special study, con-
and kind of food taken, than to the several stages of the disorder. In
supposition," continues Dr. Parkes, " we have, the facts, that many
heart to the pulse. The first sound anticipates, by a very short but
this realm are the worst forms of malarious [intermittent and remit-
coexist, or succeed the augmentation of the colorless corpuscles.
opium, and preparations of iron, zinc, and strychnia, are often of
organs, from impediment to the passage of blood through the portal
The treatment for Phymosis consists in applying hot
There are numerous cases, Dr. Habershon remarks (loc. cit.), closely
walls and larjTix, &c, at the beginning of the fit, all point to this con-
being a subject of general interest would no doubt give rise to a
eruption of ecthyma is common on the neck, shoulders, buttocks,
resented by 740 admissions, and the mortality by 29.53 deaths per
it generally does in from three to four hours; (7.) Record the amount of
tartar emetic, certain salines, and opium (Parkes).
ness of the extremities are also apt to supervene with such a state
the result ol an irritation and inflammation of the seventh pair