1have the first rank among this class of etiological conditions. When oc-
3rectly or indirectly. And, as a correlative statement, it may be
4case examined after death serous fluid in one or more cavities was
5observed are given by Vogel as follow: One case was observed under
6in specific forms of inflammation and idceration" as stated in the
7(b.) Ulceration of the heart has been occasionally seen, from an
8appeared sound, or nearly so, to the naked eye. Lastly, in *! cases the
9marked exaltation of reflex action, provoked by the slightest excitement,
10to move, it goes with a jumping staggering gait, almost falling
11a tendency to spasm, just the conditions met with in appendix
12serpentaria, with or without rhubarb and soda, and followed by such
13increases; deep cracks will break across the heels, and a yel
142. There is in some cases, as shown by Drs. Alison, Williams,
15(Louis) ; and when subjects in a state of scrofulous cachexia are ex-
16by virtue of his physiological and psychological endowments of
18and the matter of melanoma, cancer, cancroid, and sarcoma : the re-
22colored sediments of urates. It very much resembles pea-soup.
27The tortoise, feeding on a simple lettuce, excretes a large quantity of
28inflammatioQ of the bon.es of the hock joint. When the
29agents used with most benefit are, — Bloodletting by leeches behind
30structures of the part in which they were seated (Jenner).
31and bring the edges of the wonnd together, and fasten with
32of both lungs were involved, in 10 to nearly the same extent, more marked
33in different parts of the city, and of these 16 were found to contain
34the vagus, and therefore liable to spasm, might bring on spasm in