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placed on the surface of the neoplasm, and withdrawn on 3rd
of Dr. Burdon Sanderson, and Dr. Wilson Fox, of London. All three of
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[THE DELIRIUM OF INANITION— Delirium of Collapse.
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throat than she falls to the ground, apparently unconscious and vio-
measure of the amount of extravasation, although it is to be remem-
tween the second and fourth day after an operation or injury. The
lung-substance being — (1.) The bronchial tubes, terminating in (2.)
and hence more likely to be easily remembered, than the majority of the many and
to duodenal ulcer, the injection of anticoli serum gave good results.
ful. But the patient is not safe even when convalescence has fairly set
cathartic enema of castor oil or other purgative. At one time
evolution of gas from decomposing fluid in the pleura, from gan-
ment of this measure is attended with little risk, and whenever
nosis of Disease ;" for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. Arranged
the observed phenomena to given morbid states of the brain and spinal
the sixth costal cartilage (Fig. 8 and Fig. 16, under the description
fever of the torrid zone. The region where diseases of this type
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parts of the body, such as the lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, with
more gastric ulcers situated on the lesser curvature some distance
Whatever theory we hold (as to the functions of the brain or Mind),
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of the stomach had sagged down very much lower, so that really
masses ever consist of tubercle-cells with nuclei. Rokitansky holds