extent of permitting the mouth to be made slightly tender, is
certain portions of the population of such localities. The distribution
air is not in motion there. It is shut up in the enlarged air-cells
If in a colt, scarify the gams, — but do not go back of the
infection is in proportion to the proximity to a marsh. But there
The favorable circumstances are, the secretion of urine being re-
Pathology and Morbid Anatomy of Ascites, ...... 848
Stations of the British Army, arranged in the Order of the
tissue mag here and there be distinguished, but the whole mass becomes
running into rapid decomposition, generates other vegetable growths
three days after the invasion, opalescence of the upper surface of the
classed as empyema, instead of being entered in the case-books
Pollock; and the many observations of cicatrices and puckerings, and
(1.) Epidermic (epithelial growths, comprising callositus, clavus ichthyosis, cornu
first year, and 1 to every 2.*I during the second.*
potassium with the bromide : and it became almost at once evident, that,
Abercrombie mentions one that subsided in a week after the ague
tion of congestive turgidness of the contiguous texture, the remain-
ness " was troublesome, with a sense of heaviness and oppression
pulmonary artery is on a plane higher than that of the aorta ; hence
no treatment whatever. True ringbone acts very differently
had not only prolonged life, but had reduced the growth to a large
erally returns (sometimes at an advanced age), and ultimately
very much more common in the female. Constipation predisposed
diagnosis can be made. The absence of all indications of intestinal dis-
some constituents only with which they come in contact, and
autumn, and after the harvest has been gathered, when the ground
torn ; but as the patient continues to live, the membrane lining the
(or gullet) with cat-gut, stitch up the integument (or skin) and
checked. It is only in some cases, however, that it appears to be
by congestion of the lungs. Dr. Bennett, however, is opposed to