To ascertain — (1.) Its form and size ; (2.) Its degree of tension or
likely there will be a discharge of mucus from the nostrils;
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ciated with the constitutional phenomena of scrofula.
[the leprosy of the Bible (Lev. 13 : 2),] is characterized by the develop-
cases of rapid phthisis happen in advanced life ; one in a male set. 13,
III. Observe and record as to the following general properties, viz. :
These are just the conditions required in cases of empyema ; and by
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between the entrance to the mouth or nose and the trachea, an
Detailed Description of the Diathetic Order of Constitutional Dis-
The exocardial may be distinguished from the endocardial sounds
the same expedient in cases of real epilepsy, but never could produce
sitting. A strong current is often best in affections of the pharynx,
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sodium; their temperature is 16*7° Fahr. They are purgative, diuretic,
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• Presented at the eleventh annual meeting of the
flammation, when they do occur, generally express themselves in
Prognosis is decidedly unfavorable. The lesions may remain
Symptoms. — Like rheumatism and gout, the disease expresses
by Cruveilhier that in the (so-called) inflammation of veins a clot
cause, and without albumen in the urine, the best remedy is the
Treatment: — As soon as the fit is seen coming on bleed
effusion (Medical Times and Gazette, Aug. 31, 1863). The Avarm
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