or the stomach empty before going to bed. The time when the
Any patient contracting the disease is not to return to school
was ten years of age ; and the youngest male (exclusive of the infant)
inches in length, may be put into the mouth; it serves to keep the tongue
the sputa being brought up during or after each fit ; they are frothy, and
not enough to dissolve the urate; (2.) When crystallized uric acid
of the body, and as constantly returns to mix again with the san-
7. Blood-Corpuscles indicate ruptures of vessels somewhere in the
apparently intermediate between hysteria and epilepsy ; but prob-
occupied by the passage of the plate. The button, v, enables us to wind
or less lividity of the lips — symptoms which may serve as indications
and, should the patient die, we find no brain-lesion to explain the phe-
are perfectly healthy or simply congested. On posthumous exam-
or less displaced. . . . A uscultation furnishes different results, according
tension or laceration of those ligaments, sometimes the gnawing of a dog,
in origin, it is a murmur of regurgitation; if, on the other hand, it is
diet of mixed auimal and vegetable food simply dressed. Dishes
on the limb, and by the amount of muscular vigor that can at need be
the pneumonic phthisis of Addison ; and, in the experience of Dr.
respect, reference may be made to a case recorded by Elsberg, in
ing. The disorder is associated with an irritative state of the nervous
half of the capillary opening of the other tube ; when air or steam is
of the hallucination the term " aura epUeptica " is used to express it.
assigned, it is usually terror. Somebody has pretended to cut oft'
though the parts arc greatly displaced, yet the anatomical relations
was in slight relative excess to the sugar, showing that the nitro-
an inch ; whereas at the middle of the forearm, thigh, and back they
Pathology of Diseases of the Intestines, ....... 870
gallic acids, may be used instead. The sulphate of zinc is to be
Experiments upon animals and clinical observation are uniformly par-