ment. Slight dropsical swellings occur, such as oedema of the feet
by the continuance of the affection. As death approaches, the
tions noticed require to be fulfilled, and whether they can be ful-
veloped, with points of extravasation, the vessels being tortuous and elon-
villous in ramifications or vegetations. Sometimes it undergoes
frequent in females between the ages of sixteen and twenty-jive years,
gases ; and the appearance of unaltered ingesta in the stools. Often
isolated from many cases of tuberculosis occurring in man.
It can only, however, be given in healthy subjects, free from gouty
should be avoided, and distilled water used instead ; and in many
secondary digestion processes; and that Bright's disease is thus
right hypochondrium, after acute inflammation of the liver, left no
fore ansemic, and contains less moisture than the normal lung. It
of inspiration, and are unaffected by coughing or expectoration"
investigations with those of Esquirol and others, that one-third of
which has saline remedies for its basis thus contributes to restore
the West Indies, Jamaica, Bermuda, Canada, and Nova Scotia ; those of
nor febrile action, and yet effusion may have occurred to such an
urine ; or it occurs when there is an absolute increase of uric acid.
and pathological research tends more and more to confirm the
about the seat of the chest-pain, will generally give instant relief. The
had perhaps laid too much stress on the patliology of the dead.
against the ear of the auscultator ; or the examiner may place his hand
It is important to bear in mind that Fehling's test solution must
air exists as well as fluid, succussion of the patient gives the sound
the disease ; and, as Dr. Christison observes, " there is no disease of
stall with a clay floor, softened with water, and keep the
no doubt due to deficient ventilation and the abeyance of normal
his family excites the patient by slow degrees to the highest pitch
of prolonged hot baths, is much insisted upon by Dr. Winslow.
is unable to finish it, or he repeats the same idea over and over
in 1000. Haughton's factor, = -=- .4348, or x 2.3. Dr. De Chaumont's factor, = -i-
repeated on two healthy dogs. The first dog died on the second
describes it, without recognizing its true character, as does also Dr. J.