entrecoupee, respiration saccadee) is when the respiratory murmur, instead
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circulatory system amounts to 1.58 per 1000 of mean strength
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occurred to the late Lord Erskine. The patient had indicted a
with the etiology than with the symptomatology of duodenal
is unable to finish it, or he repeats the same idea over and over
passed as rapidly as in health. In advanced cases the drain upon
occurs, which terminates in death (Walshe, Fuller).
cardial inflammation may occur as the first, and be for some time
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lesion during life was enlargement of the spleen, Dr. Bennett agrees
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bone-dust and sand, 3 r ellowish or grayish spherical masses, some of them
lyzed, the temperature of both sides becomes the same, or an increase
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puration taking place about this time. On the following day they
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indicative of congestion, rather than of hemorrhage or softening any
used ; but the best way is to expose a small piece of the organ — a cubic
lastly, the bloodvessels may be diminished, obliterated, or dilated, or be
suppurative hepatitis cannot be overrated. In 13 per cent, the dis-
Definition. — Inflammation of the aorta characterized by pains, with
strated " the existence of true pus, formed universally within the
represented by 277 admissions per 1000 of mean strength ; rheuma-
surgeons who have not had the experience of opening the abdomen
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