larged. Dr. Voigt, physician to the Danish establishment at Ser-

laudanum, is to be made into the urethra, and the injection should be

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region, and very general relief will be obtained by purgatives, aided

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the duodenum. In such cases the horse will not thrive and

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Dr Thomson's experience in children was limited to one case —

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(Rayer, Watson). In the chronic stage desquamation invariably

As soon as possible after the employment of the douche, a strong

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that they are contact ulcers. The active secretion which occurs

Medicine is utterly powerless and useless unless the hygienic

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or remain a serous pleurisy. In private practice, where the rhildrcn

spectral illusions are more or less constant. The patient may see

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condylomatous excrescences. Primary chancres sometimes exist.

from non-approximation of the vocal cords on attempted phonation, there

Med. Times and Gazette, 1867. Marcet : Medico-Chir. Trans., 1867. Sanderson:

over-sensibilhYy of the organ. The symptoms are deranged secretions,

Section IV. — Diseases of the Solid Viscera of the Abdomen.

absorbed, leave the appearances in question ; or they are due to

psychical relations of the sense of hunger are altered; there is no appe-

delirious, and makes the most extraordinary noises, such as barking

local areas of lowered resistance ; {4) reflex nervous spasm of the

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often extending along the lining membrane of the aorta.

perspirations ; paleness and lividity, with urgent dyspnoea for some

quence of lesions in the spinal cord altered by paralysis (Drs.

pelvis of kidney. Pain began in May 191 2. Ha'maturia at in-

symptoms obviously indicate an unhealthy state of the functions of

In the case of multiple abscesses there were never more than

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