He had passed a quiet night, without delirium, sweated much,

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In the British army during 1861, the cases of phthisis were 9 per 1000

the lungs. The activity of the glycogenic function being increased

bovine infection may have less tendency to culminate in a fatal

a defective development of the vertebral arches. The paraplegia it

Treatment : — If from a split nail or one driven too close,

Med. Times and Gazette, 1867. Marcet : Medico-Chir. Trans., 1867. Sanderson:

(d.) The Bile-Ducts.— Their origin at the periphery of the lobule

spontaneous purging or vomiting which sometimes takes place, and

established, after Frey, Ecker, and Kolliker, that the peculiar cells of the

of ammonia, sulphuric ether, and tincture of nux vomica.

The disease runs a more or less violent and rapid course. In

pared with that of the morning is in the exact ratio of the death-rate

bonate of potash, to which a little mucilage and some aromatic, as tinc-

One of these terminates in simple or granular induration, and has

the abscess be large, and contains some pus, on the patient cough-

ment by emulsion of liquid paraffin : (a) Eleanor R., xt. 1^^ years.

"A year is scarcely sufficient to test the influence of belladonna, and,

between the junction of the second and third ribs with the ster-

is at least the best to adopt in practice, and is consistent with the

The most fatal of these diseases is continued fever. Intemperance

Not only the crews of the ships in the Road of Flushing were en-

of pathologico-anatomical lesions of a variable and inconstant kind,

subjects of this disorder are habitually short-breathed and pallid, with

the literary executor of the late Dr. Camman, and his clinical assistant at the time

A change of air is absolutely necessary, and generally also of diet.

envelop the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the intracranial cord. Commonly

the geniculate ganglion in the Fallopian duct, and implicating the