half a grain of the extract of elaterium every night, or every other
collapse. Prognosis is most unfavorable in perforation cases result-
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so much coagulated matter as to be incapable of flowing through
by atmospheric pressure, while every anatomical arrangement of
The hypochlorite of soda used should always be five or six times the
with other diseases, must be remembered in prognosis. It is so
lowing formula, quoted from Dr. Thompson's Clinical Lectures on
to the air its pulp may become of a bright red color ; and then the
the system in acute rheumatism ; and at the height of the disorder
Chemical and pathological appliances ought therefore to be at his dis-
It is well known, however, that the conditions, under which it must cer-
fatally in a few days after the injury, " the medullary structure,
At first it affects the sugar derived from starch food, then it affects
Gairdner (Sibson, in Med.-Chir. Review, Oct., 1854).
are freer. When the greater part of one, or both lungs is solidified,
no mention is made in regard to them ; but in three there was
means of linen compresses, and frequently renewed. Tincture of
temperature, as well as habits of intemperance, or spirit-drinking, should
to restore to palsied muscles the power of contracting under the
afterward apply the before mentioned salve as directed. If it
mitted, the liquid flowed through them freely. Therefore, however
round tubercle which has undergone various transformations, and
perior to that of the kidneys. As, however, these two points are very
by the nerve — namely, the integuments of the cheek and side of the