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7Pathology. — Morton, Sauvages, Portal, Morgagni, and more re-
9the chest-wall over the diseased lung giving a peculiar sensation, which
10Ghirurgical Transactions. Mr. Gulliver examined the clots micro-
12patient of Dr. Zedekauer, of St. Petersburg, suffering from Bright's dis-
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18and the heat of skin increases, with thirst and marked prostration,
19over from one side to the other every three or four hours, and
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21In the sixty-fourth volume of the Edinburgh Medical and Surgi-
22ence, that purging, either with mild or strong cathartics, whether
23quences. Warm anodyne lotions or fomentations may be used, and
24alcoholic fluids ; and also if the Insanity arises from slight moral
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26tion from which decided beneficial results are obtained. Professor
27Huss has seen instances where objects appeared peculiarly colored ; oc-
28oxysm. In children the irritation of teething is the most common
29Mental, Sensorial, and Motorial Phenomena, ...... 291
30that we can state such a result in other than general terms. While
31spinal nerves existed, but the cord was apparently healthy, for there does
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