pression, rather than tightness, is complained of, and there is a

Expression of the Countenance in Thoracic Disease. — The countenance

edge of the pathology of scrofula to account in every phase of his

clavicle. It is usually very small, hidden by the lung, or so sur-

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the tubercle. This change advances from cell to cell farther and farther

in size, and tends to assume a cubic form, which distinguishes it from the

the Meath Hospital, in the case of a robust man. External eleva-

symptomatic P3*rexia. The undoubted increase of fibrine in the blood is

production of phthisis the worst, and the late Dr. Baly regarded it as a

filled with masses of secretion, which take on the forms of the

their interior. The granulations are generally dark or pale yellow.

granular deposits ; or of a thin, clear, skin-like membrane, of a pale

Tubereula Granulata and Miliary Tubercle, ...... 225

patient may require (Thompson). The general opinion of the pro-

heightened in the anterior and superior regions, or diffused over one side,

states associated with what are called dyspeptic symptoms, or " im-

1866 J. Burdon Sanderson : A Report of the Results of an Inquiry into the Epi-

bronchi towards the roots of the lungs, evidence of valvular disease

fourth of a gallon, and graduated in ounces. In the metal cup there are

gradually lessened, and finally stopped, to be, after an interval, resumed.

chronic abscess of the lung without any evidence of tubercles.

In certain cases when two points of an esthesiometer are applied, there

acid crystals, with which they are sometimes confounded, as well

proceeds silently and rapidly. The existence of the disease is often

The local evidences of chronic, are more often than those of acute py-

that no general rules for its management can be laid down. If there is

in its pathology with this irritation. The stomach is often ecchy-

If the ribs scarcely move, and the parietes generally of the thorax

lium, or distended with dark granular matter, probably the result of the