2pitiable object. Mange is very contasjious — at least the Acaria
4lubes — (b) Capillary bronchitis, and of the tubes generally — the "peri-
5to have been demanded, and to have been well borne. Laennec
7around the wall of the foot coalesce; the feet grow crooked and
8asylum. But, fortunately for the chances of cure, a love for and
9of food. Constipation frequently and obstinately coexists; but
10the case would be settled), there is no doubt that the fever ends spon-
112. The Estimation of Urea in urine is based on the combination
12Apply after bathing with hot water; or use Scotch Oil ac-
14ders of sensibility, of intellect, and of motility, always indicate organic
15Dr. Walshe, the Emeritus Professor of Medicine of University
16deposit consisted of cell-elements, fatty particles, and degenerate
17to extend ; the subcrepitant rhonehns, when met with in plastic bronchitis,
18the eyes are obstinately closed, and the ears, if possible, kept covered
19by the cause and duration of the illness, and the age of the child.
20changes in the quantity and nature of the electric fluid, the quan-
21to take a long walk ; and sometimes (in expectation merely) enjoys
23who are obliged to lie on their back for a length of time, on account
25duced doses, after all symptoms of gout have disappeared (Budd).
27two vials should then be put in a cool place, and kept there for two or
28Tlie spread of these two diseases is largely due to the fact that
29Jaccoud, and, it must be admitted, that the case-histories of the affection,
30(a.) Cells in which the nucleus is very distinct and very large in pro-
32and successfully treated. The credit for this new knowledge
33kidney is natural. The disorder is essentially a renal catarrh, depending
38gitis which accompanies the cachexia associated with tuberculosis is
39ment to aeration than in other affections in which the absorption
40seizure on becoming pregnant. Hysterical or epileptiform fits may com-
42New York during 1857. In October, 1859, there commenced an epidemic
43costal space, or the fourth rib ; the heart may be thrust upwards
45ache for several days ; tongue red and rather dry at the tip ; thirst
46ticular kind in the internal organs, and in various textures of the
47John Thomson and Dr Ritchie that aspiration was an advisable