cannot be declared that amyloid degeneration is not present. With-
■whether or no there was opalescence, or unnatural dryness of the membranes (loc. cit.,
tion granule corpuscles, giving to the affected portion of the lung the
plementary of the elements of nutrition which have been deficient.
thology of the constitutional cachexia which exists. Morbid states
a disorder of the Impulses or Propensities in the first instance,
returned, and the lower half of the humerus was removed in July
one to two grains, or even to two grains and a half." The imme-
no fewer than six. More recent observers — for example, Frerichs,
and Figs. 5, 6, 7, already given, are referred to here, likewise the de-
excitability, flutterings about the heart and palpitations, beatings in the
It is with typhus or typhoid fever only that pyogenic fever is
returning him insane. The " exact counterpart " of this case was
of Professor Schroeder Van der Kolk, of Utrecht, a more extended
soles of the feet, whose nervous connection with the brain is cut otf
four hours. In a few months patients will pass their own weight
neath the ribs. Its inferior border turns off almost at right angles
of Edinburgh, Dr. J. Warburton Begbie has recently called atten-
periments, in which paraplegia followed extirpation of the kidneys, are
[The foregoing article of the Author being chiefly a brief of the Editor's article
been unfit in the individual diet and mode of life ; and, lastly, sup-
cannot yet find a place in nosology. The phenomena are complex
rial fevers, and affections of the liver, is observed in those countries
ian, as well as aristocratic. It may have been, in the days of Syd-
ent within certain limits, to produce a degree of spinal ischsemia capable
examine the joint you will find the Patella on the outer side of
occurs in every other secreting organ. Previous to the expression
senic will be found a valuable remedy in anaemia, and the writer has used
iodine. Inhalation of vapor is often unsatisfactory, on account of
masses, through the dissolution and disappearance of the cells
was some evidence of previous meningeal disturbance. This evi-
alous and irregular, and more strange and difficult to describe
cranial and the sciatic and crural of the lower limb ; and suggests the
to be eliminated by the kidney as sugar .in the urine ?