2urine, are characteristics of the hysterical state. A certain consti-
3teenth, and seventeenth centuries, and in the eighteenth century
5in some way to cause paralysis, which may last for hours, days, or
6Boismont). The power of utterance is lost, or is very imperfect ; the face
7is usually more forcible than in health, and hypertrophy and dilata-
8is higher by from two-fifths to three-fifths of a degree, than that of the morn-
9While simple tumors are overgrowths, in addition to being out-
11occasional origin of tubercle in another way. He found when a sec-
13tion of the vesicular tissue of the lung: (1.) A partial uuexpanded
14of air, exercise, and diet, must be carried out as far as practicable.
15companied by flying pricking, or itching, or crawling sensations ; in others
16cers is indicated by one or more of the following conditions: Constant
17the detaching of larger fragments which should deserve the name of
18eases are brought about, their specific nature is such as has been
20both for and against it, will show that it is harmful. Yeratrum, aco-
21resembling the smell of may-flower or apple blossoms, combined
23reign supreme ; it is simply retained possession of while the Feelings
24ing been shaved, a strong ointment of the iodide of potassium com-
25The bloodvessels primarily and chiefly affected are the Malpighian
26Medicale, Aout 1, 1868) gives the following facts with regard to this
30referred to by Mr Wilkie. It was very ditticult to determine the
32Treatment: — Cut out the diseased parts and shoe with a
33tion, in consequence of a lesion of the brain or spinal cord, there is pap-
35the lesions they exhibit have been described as of a very variable
36birth, the child (a girl) displayed the writhing motions of chorea,
37by a number of points forming " ossa Wormiana," and the sutures
38these parts, and gradually extending inwards. The calibre, of the
39recoveries. In 35 cases reported by Dr. S. C. Young, of Grenada, Miss.,
42Urine may be for a time suppressed, and the little which passes is
44still of fair size, but they have a peculiar doughy feel. There is no lo-