seen to form a sixth, a fourth, or even a half or more of the num-

atrophy after birth, they really gain in weight and volume from birth to

of pneumonia, and of certain forms of pulmonary hemorrhagic con-

known to surgeons as the " hysterical breast," lumbar pains, pains

M. Hardy, of the Hopital St. Louis, classifies skin diseases accord-

or tuberculosis considered as a constitutional affection; and on our

under the influence of remedies, as any other inflammatory affection.

[The views of Yirchow respecting the nature of tubercle may be sum-

splenic cells ; but at a later stage the contents of the sacculi become

with two ounces of distilled water. Two hours after the operation

ment to aeration than in other affections in which the absorption

like material forms, which constitutes the inner cell-material of the

could not be made out even in perfectly fresh exudations — cases that were

tions which are formed as the result of the inflammatory process

Ranald Martin's work on the Influence of Tropical Climate, are the sources from

able. Hemorrhages are apt to occur (in one-half the cases) simul-

meal. Those affected are usually adults ; and women are more fre-

pared with the symptoms and pathology of that peculiar cachexia

late the kidneys with dram doses of Nitrate of Potassium.

gangrene in other parts ; the debris is "of a grayish, brownish, or

red blood, and shortly afterwards the red blood penetrates the web

Rokitansky has observed it in the liver ; Bennett has described it

and twice in 13 cases of cancer of the bones. Cancer, though, is rarely developed in

tion. A coil of small intestine had been loosely snared by an

frequent termination of the tubercular process than the cheesy change.

Epidemiological Society, vol. ii ; London, 1867. Stille : Epidemic Meningitis, or

markably clear sound on percussion beyond the precincts of the

in diseases of the throat and respiratory organs ; he has also had an op-

as the disease advances, and only becomes considerable again towards

combining, as they do, moderate cost with freedom from starch, and

patient and sometimes to be rid of the unsightly appearance,

even for a second. Mackenzie's treatment is to apply extract of bella-

due to congestion. Sometimes the congestion is more lasting, as

those of simple inflammation. Mercury has also been used to a