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inflammatory ; the remains of chronic tubercular cavities, or abscesses in
of the stomach lessens, and there is sufficient evidence that the
* [On the Pathology and Treatment of Albuminuria, 1868.]
Treatment — Faradization is of doubtful efficacy at the commence-
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edith Clymer suggests motorial in place of locomotor.
I have seen horses, where the obstruction was within the
In the words of Carswell, "pathological anatomy has perhaps
cord, the remedial power of sec-ale cornutum is said to be very great.
Dr. Garrod proves conclusively that colchicum does not increase the
I have described in my paper {Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., Feb. 1914).
Suppuration may follow this form of pneumonia, and the pus
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white granulations, which, being observed under the microscope,
2. Amongst the instances of disordered gastric innervation produced
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ness of the gums or general malaise occur; and cuticular irritation from
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Interstitial deposit of nuclear and fibroid exudation at the expense
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