the disease : (1.) Absence of pain and any acute tenderness of the

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is little abridged ; so that premature death is almost in all cases

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are affected, the more immediate seat of the hemorrhage is usually

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view, are admirably treated of by Dr. Leared in his little book on

Murdoch, Dr Melville Dunlop, Dr Maxwell Williamson (M.O.H.),

potash and soda are present in the same relative proportion as in

toms, of cough, or of general debility, for some days before death.

more uric acid, in a soluble state, from the system than under ordi-

some correspondent change in the organs, yet, so long as we have

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the change itself in the connective tissue ? This is still an unsolved

The greatest care ought to be given to the management of the

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Prognosis. — Partial peritonitis often terminates without in any

In 1848, Dr. Garrod, of London, published a paper in The Med.-

walls of the abscess must have a certain density, or their flaccidity

spot is seen in the middle of the gray translucent granule. This is the

face ; it is hsemic and distinct, made up of dark-red or purple spots

sides. These two portions are connected by the oblique fibres com-

penetrating still deeper into the cortical substance, and which grad-

inflammation of the membrane, but it may also arise from ul-

the case must be considered a slight one, according to the rule laid

just before his death he was observed to be breathless on ascending