oil-silk or -muslin should be worn. Purgatives should be used with great

or partial spasms of the muscles, somewhat of a tonic kind, but in

restlessness and want of sleep. At last, however, delirium obliter-

20 cases some of the constitutional symptoms or some discoloration of

expanding when the thorax expands — whether it be a material

Turkish bath will be found serviceable, if it produces no disposition to

croscopic appearances are as follows : The most conspicuous alterations

the reader is referred to the Report of the Royal Commission on the

the following : Nitrate of potash, one drachm ; acetate of potash, three

prevent a recurrence. In three other cases with symptoms pointing

from the many causes on which the effusion may depend, and also

lution in a solidified lung and the mechanism of true crepitation are incompatible. —

invariably pointing it forward; heat and tenderness around the

of nitric acid ; (5.) Bring this urine fluid under the burette which contains

there has been transudation from the bloodvessels, and of a fawn

reflex action, and is thus a valuable indication of cerebral disease.

and less violent ; in others it is accompanied with various circum-

cially concerned in the molecular currents amongst the elements of

This is a term used to denote a deficiency of red corpuscles

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malar, the frontal, the temporal bones, and zygomatic arches, in con-

ton-battings,] subsequently applied will be found highly serviceable

assimilation in the stomach was the source of the evil has been

although exposed to every species of privation, and addicted as they

severe cases related by Mi Paroisse, and resulting from wounds, he

or cachexias, and these inflammatory affections will run their course

Rhumatisme articulaire aigu; German Eq., Acute?' Gelenk-rheumatismus — Syn.,

but that terrible sound around the lungs will be wanting and,

it is then commonly found organized, so that the pericardium is

ance was established, they often required purgative medicines,

be poured out by the urine, although the febrile symptoms have