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was evidence of a primary cause within the abdomen, usually in the

cog-wheel, which projects above the upper portion of this box, fits into

halation of atomized medicated fluids, are chiefly those of the pharynx,

Y. Ulceration. — The observations of Drs. Chambers, Gairdner,

when the diaphragm is elevated, the liver rises into this region up

meatus is narrowed, and often so much so that it is impossible to

very fibrous, scirrhous type, surrounded by numerous dense adhe-

traction), particularly of the neck and back. While consciousness

in the open air, or some laborious occupation followed, there may be an

lung from the middle line. The left auricle is covered by the right

between the serous coats of the invagination, yet obstruction of

In the same way, when the shoulder is first attacked, the disease

disease is dissolved albumen, which exists in various' conditions,

in the connective-tissue, their peculiar and tortuous mode of distri-

the obstruction be considerable, and persistent, large portions of the

remedy as in the adult ; nor will the most energetic employment of

(a.) The anatomical condition of the kidneys influences the

regions, and of the tropics, have a certain pliancy of constitution ;

not recover its original form and fulness for some seconds, and is

cannot exceed one-tenth in healthy and one-fifth in morbid urine)

[Progressive General Paresis — General Paresis — General Paraly-

toms of asthma renders it obvious that it may not easily be con-

the passage from the second to the third stage can be determined.