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2A gentleman affected with congestion of the meninges of the spinal
3in the back, choreic trouble, especially of the forearm and hand, convul-
4Definition. — Under this heading, as with stomach diseases, it is pro-
5or staggering gait, head drawn backward, with twitching of
7The careful and slow addition of sulphuric acid changes the deep
8If the patient lives in a town, she ought to be sent into the country ;
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10varieties erythema nodosum is perhaps the most important. The
12cases where the changes have begun in the peripheral extremities of the
13patient being suddenly insensible and convulsed, with the rapid form of
14paracusis, loss of smell, anosmia, and loss of taste, aguestia. Cutaneous
16pulsation — namely, the contraction, the dilatation, and the period of
17Sir James Clark, Bennett, Ancell, and others in this country ; but
19tion, disturbed circulation, embarrassed digestion, difficult defeca-
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23were in the Atlantic Region, 547 cases and 42 deaths in the Central
25and the principles of treatment of these various forms of paraplegia.
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28syncope, or of apnoea, from depression of the nervous influence of the
29alimentary canal ; in the peritoneum, arachnoid, or pleura ; in the
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