2organs, such as the diaphragm, colon, stomach. On section, the
3toms may be slight, this very fact ought at once to excite suspicion,
5Pathology of Palpitation and Irregularity of the Heart, ... . . 648
7warm countries — for instance, south of the Mediterranean. But
8found so dark-colored as to be almost black, and at the same time
9commences with shivering, vomiting, and purging — symptoms which
11and quite hard. The difficulty is to pass it through the neck
12expectoration, bnt the chest remains loaded, powerfully stimulant
14100, twenty leeches over the abdomen, followed by warm fomenta-
16already considerable. Diaphoretics are always of essential service.
17diseases of the heart, in gastritis, and in other painful diseases, such
18the ends of the long bones ; and the younger the child, the softer
19probably of the blood itself (Bouillaud, Paget), and in connection
20reaching the ear through some solid or liquid between the lung-surface
21the pulse for every respiration ; and thus pulse-respiration ratios of
22met with in rheumatism, exophthalmic goitre, and other diseases.]
23speaks of a person who thought himself a goose-pie, a circumstance
24yet be distinctly felt as two points by the patient.
265 weeks 1* st. The rest in health averaged 12 st. ; and 1 was 14 st. 10 lb., and
27ties is frequently imperfect, while it is complete in the trunk and
29is exerted on a large surface, composed of columns or tubes of blood
30sult in a nerve-trunk, while a general electric shock, as a stroke of light-
31or a feeling of fulness in the rectum ; and after going two or three
32blood is usually in that condition in which it is most easily pre-
33This disease has various causes, such as stings of insects;
34live ; but in others the depression amounts to despondency, with
35munity and comfort; the proportion of such cases to the whole number