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This instrument is composed of a shaft, and of two half cylinders of steel,
and the formation of abscesses. The diffuse form, on the other
be diffuse, we shall have a crackling sound like that of new leather,
are those in which eudermic medication will yield the most satis-
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the largest tents, and in the smaller ones it reached 127° Fahr.
brain varies according to the time which elapses before the patient
or to a greater degree by absolute alcohol (Harley). — Editor.]
tions of this work, yet the combination has become very popular
presence or absence of fever. The quantity is very much smaller
If the bowels act once a day, a laxative dose of calomel and opium
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[1. The body-temperature in the insane is higher than natural. 2. The
heart must be observed, as indicated by the pulse at the wrist, by
penetration of the pleura and thoracic parietes and discharge of the con-
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disorder follow, no doubt, certain molecular tissue-changes, which, how-
tuberculous, scrofulous, or strumous diathesis. There is perhaps no
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ment of the functional bloodvessels distributed over their walls ; anaemia of
the effusion slowly drawn away, until the lung has undergone as
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1. That emphysematous portions of lungs are almost invariably
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ing a little nutmeg and ginger, or any other spice that may be agreeable.
may be prolonged by ulceration of the vesicles, or by irritant ap-
lower bowel functional and actual organic changes in the gastro-
This disorder has recently attracted a good deal of attention, and its
though occurring as a primary disorder, it is frequently secondary, com-
eleven men were buried under one tree in the neighborhood of the
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outside irritation may induce paraplegia, namely — First, the reflex
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